A WordPress theme is used in creating a beautiful interface of a website by using different sets of files. When a person gets to know about the premium WordPress themes, he/she must know few terms that are related to these themes. It helps them in knowing the themes in a better way.

Important Terms

Some of the important terms related to the are:

  • Theme

The term theme essentially means the look of a website. It is the externalpart and sometimes called “skin”. A number of persons also recognize it as “website template” since thepremium WordPress themes ispreparedfrom template files.

  • Magazine/News Style

When a user needs to display the posts on a homepage of the website in a single column, then magazines/news style displays them by segment or by the group. It might be also presented as newest or highlighted posts via a presented slider.

  • Columns

A column refers to the partition made on thewebsite. Columnsdivided the website page to create segments for sidebar as well as for websitesources. A thememay have 2, 3, or more columns subject to the function of the website of the user.

  • Width

The term Width means the website’s horizontal magnitude. The websites with modifiable width can expand or contract subject to the websiteinternet browser or monitor size. In contrast, fixed width refers to that width which cannot be changed. However, this kind of width is more regularly used.

  • Child Theme

It is a way to change the design of the theme in order to provide it a different look. If the user acquires a child theme, then he/she also have to get its parent theme also to run the child theme.

  • Widget ready

The term widget ready theme depicts that it has pre-installed the conventional widgets to increase thewebsite’s functionality.




WordPress is the very popular and most trusted for open source CMS.It provides various themes for the user to choose for their business site across one platform. There are many competitive websites offering similar services at zero cost and the user can easily download them.However, using free themes for your business sites is not a good choice as it doesn’t make the business look attractive and different from others.

Reasons to buy the buy Premium WordPress Themes

  • Eye Catching Designs

One can easily distinguish between the free theme and a premium theme as Premium WordPress themes are more stylish, specialized, and attractive and present the material on the web in an organized fashionable manner. The overall look of the business site draws the visitor’s interest and displays the web material more effectively.


  • More Shielded

The are more secure than the free themes, as reports show that free WordPress theme may have unwanted codes hidden in the PHP files which could result in the security issues. They contain the misleading component known as SEO, which lower the ranking of the website among search engines whereas the Premium themes are more secured and show higher ranking among the search engines results.


  • Quick and Simple Customization

The Premium WordPress Themesare much easy to operate as if the user wants to perform some changes with the theme, it does not require him to alter the HTML coding, CSS or PHP codes. Using these features, changing the theme’s design is accomplished in a quick as well asin a simple way.


  • Cheap Price

The user hiring a skilled web developer to design the business site theme will cost a lot as compared to buying a premium theme himself. Virtually, the user will obtain similar design at a lower cost that suits the pocket.